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American, French and Hungarian oak products in the Napa Valley since 1980

From the tree to the barrel: by tradition, Nadalié USA believes in mastering the complete manufacturing process from tree selection and milling to the final barrel product. In order to maintain the highest quality control over our American oak products, we have established our own mill in Pennsylvania. Here, we begin the barrel-making process by milling the trees to our own exacting standards. We then season our woods for a minimum of 24 months. Once properly cured, the wood is shipped to our Napa Valley plant where our experienced artisans produce the same high-quaility barrels our French oak customers have been used to.
Our team offers you custom-crafted products built to your specifications. The client selects the origin of oak from among our many forest sources, also the cooperage where the barrel will be built. Barrel type and size, stave thickness, number and type of hoops, and the desired degree of toasting -- all are chosen by the client.