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Nadalié USA - The Company


For 30 years the leading French cooperage in the Americas

In 1980, Jean-Jacques Nadalié and Duane Wall established Tonnellerie Française in Calistoga, California, to handcraft barrels in the traditional French style. Twenty years later, the company name was changed to Nadalié USA to reflect the worldwide association of the Nadalié name with fine cooperage. In the mid-1980s, Alain Poisson, master cooper from the Burgundian region of France, joined the team to help establish the industry presence that Nadalié enjoys today. The resulting combination of knowledge and experience has led the transformation of American oak's association with whiskey barrels to the current era of fine wine barrels and casks. Nadalie USA is the oldest full-line, traditional, French-style manufacturing cooperage in the Americas.
The historical Gabarre
Our logo represents the historical "gabarre" that carried wood from the forests to the Bordeaux cooperages and returned with barrels for the wineries.
CTB certification stamp

Tradition and Innovation

Nadalié USA uses time-honored French coopering practices to derive the best flavor characteristics of American and European oak. Our team has developed unique manufacturing processes to exploit the distinct qualities of various types of oak.

Oak Alternatives

Nadalie USA has always been at the forefront of evolving practices and techniques, offering today an extensive selection of Oak Add-ins that provide an alternative or supplement to the traditional oak flavor extraction process. These products are made from the same American and French oak used in Nadalia USA Oak Barrels, and are available with a full range of toasting options.

CTB Certification

Nadalié is one of only a few cooperages that is able to boast French CTB (Centre Technique du Bois) certification. This mark of quality, requiring stringent and frequent inspections by the CTB, attests to the high caliber of our products.