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Nadalié Cooperages - Tonnellerie Marsannay


Artisan-style oak wine barrels hand-crafted in Burgundy

Tonnellerie Marsannay is one of the smallest French cooperages. Located in the Burgundy region, Tonnellerie Marsannay artisans create barrels to enhance the flavor of Burgundy-style wines. Many leading North American wineries use Marsannay barrels for their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. This relatively new cooperage reflects the energy and perspective of a younger generation committed to applying knowledge of wine and traditional coopering to a quality product in the modern era of winemaking.
As a standard for Marsannay, woods from the forests of Allier, Troncais and Nevers are selected to create the blend barrel. Although specific forest designation is available on request, the blend barrel is the "house style" and is recommended. Specific forest designations are available, but not limited to, Nevers, Alliers, Tronçais, Vosges, Jupilles, Bertranges, etc. Wood lots are selected from the "haute futaie" (trees very close together) which provides the highest average ring counts.
  • Bordeaux- and Burgundian-style barrels;
  • Allier, Tronçais or Nevers oak forest origins, or blend (house-style);
  • Toasting to your soecifications.