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Oak Add Ins™ - Nadaliť Oak Alternatives


Testimonials from Winemakers

Dennis Hill - VP of Winemaking, Blackstone Winery:
"Nadalie USA has recently addressed the need to provide high-quality oak for all styles of winemaking."
Glen Andrade - Winemaker, Trinchero Family Estates:
"Nadalie has taken Oak Add Ins to a new level: Unsurpassed service and quality!"
Charlie Tsegeletos - Winemaker, Cline Cellars:
"I've worked with tank stave systems and oak chips for over 15 years. These alternatives to barrels provide the precise oak flavors and tannins I want at a fraction of the cost and require far less labor to manage."
Stevens Moody - Winemaker, Bronco Wine Company:
"Good flavors, competitive price, efficient service, that's what you get with Nadalie!"
Steve Peck - Winemaker, Fetzer Five Rivers Ranch:
"We found increased color in press wines and a consistent improvement in tasting panel scores using Nadalie chips in the fermentor this harvest."
Dennis Patton - Consulting Winemaker, Mendocino County:
"With Nadalie Oak Add Ins, you get all the benefit of the oak extraction without the bitterness and burnt character that I usually associate with oak alternatives."
Ken Dies - Winemaker, Flora Springs:
"Over the years, we have learned to expect nothing short of best the quality from Nadalie Cooperage. Experimenting with Nadalie Oak Add Ins, we have found the same consistency in intensity and elegance of oak flavors."
Scott Harvey - Winemaker, Folie ŗ Deux:
"The Nadalie barrel inserts give me much better control over the oak extraction."
Tom Myers - Winemaker, Castoro Cellars:
"I have used Nadalie Oak Add Ins for red wine ageing and have found the flavor extract of high quality and unique in character. They make a great addition to our ageing program."
Don Brady - Winemaker, Flora Springs:
"We are very pleased with Nadalie Oak Add Ins. They are easy to use, offer excellent depth of flavor, and bring an oak component that closely mirrors quality barrel flavors at a fraction of the cost."