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Upright Tanks and Casks


Custom-crafted solutions for your cellar

Nadaliť's know-how in manufacturing tanks and casks extends back to its earliest origins and has been passed on by Nadaliť master coopers for generations. Small casks and large containers are custom-built for your cellar. Our team will assess the configuration and layout of your facilities to make the best use of your available space. Each container will be custom-sized to your requirements.
Upright sizes and dimensions vary widely between tall, slim, short and wide. Sizes and shapes can be made to adapt to your particular cellar configuration. Examples below are provided for reference only.
Tanks and Casks - sample dimensions
Capacity (liters)
Height (cm)
Diameter (cm)
Bottom Top
1,000 115
125 115
2,000 150
177 147
5,000 196
217 185
8,000 223
256 220
10,000 240
270 240
Nadaliť oak tank staves are subject to our rigorous tree selection in the best and most renowned forests of France. These trees are processed in our own mills and the staves aged for years, allowing Nature to do her inimitable work. As we assemble your cask or tank, hoops are tightened in the traditional manner with mallet and driver, ensuring that the staves are tightly joined. Tanks undergo toasting in a day-long process in which wood, fire and water supply are carefully managed. This enables us not only to bend the staves, but to develop a whole palette of rich aromas. Aromatic finesse and richness are key elements in elaborating a complex and delicate wine year after year.