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Nadalié Oak Wine Barrels


The new "Perle Blanche" white wine barrel

Particular know-how goes into making excellent white wine from Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Semillon grape varieties. This expertise can be leveraged through the use of a barrel designed to produce a choice palette of aromas. Such was the inspiration for Jean-Jacques Nadalié to create the Perle Blanche barrel.
Oak for Perle Blanche is selected from hundred-year-old trees, focusing attention on noble appearance and on tightness and straightness of grain. Staves destined for Perle Blanche receive special treatment with a specific sequence of watering before undergoing prolonged exposure to wind and sun.
The making of Perle Blanche barrels involves the use of a purpose-designed, patented device that regulates air supply and humidity during an exceptionally long and gentle toasting process. Our barrels manufactured in this manner are available in two finishes:
Medium Toast (MT)
Fruit aromas predominate
Medium Toast+ (MT+)
Spicy aromas highlighted
Perle Blanche barrels are typically delivered according either to the 225L Fast-aging Export (FAE) or 300L Export specification. For more information and to order Perle Blanche, please contact us.