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Oak Wine Barrels -- all sizes, types, oak sources and toasting to specifications Oak Add Ins™ -- French and American oak adjunct and alternative products; specifications. Tanks and Casks -- large-scale, custom-crafted solutions
    The Company -- origin of Nadalié USA, its application of French coopering techniques in North America, and its impact on the state of the art in oak wine barrel making.
      Cooperages -- wine barrel makers in partnership.
      • Nadalié USA -- Napa Valley cooperage adapting traditional methods in the crafting of American as well as French oak wine barrels.
      • Tonnellerie Nadalié -- the Nadalié family ancestral cooperage located at Ludon-Medoc, near Bordeaux.
      • Tonnellerie Marsannay -- small cooperage in Burgundy specializing in wine barrels for varietals associated with that region, near Dijon.
      Sources of Oak -- characteristics, availability and handling of oak from various regions.
      • The United States -- Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Virginia oak varieties; analysis of American oak properties; Nadalié expertise in the treatment of American oak.
      • France -- the Vosges, Centre, Nevers, Tronçais, Allier, Bertrange and Jupilles forests, and the respective characteristics of oak from these regions.
      • Eastern Europe -- cost-effective, increasingly accessible, alternative sources of oak in Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Ukraine.
      Oak Wood Toasting -- essential process to apply aromatic finishing to barrels and oak adjunct products
        Research -- insight into the science of barrel making: analysis of oak aromas, chemical processes, barrel aging, and microbial organisms; evaluation of regional properties of oak; innovative manuufacturing techniques adapted to American oak to enhance and complement wine varietals.
          Megnin Mills -- company owned and operated milling concern providing economies of scale with direct control of tree selection and processing.
            Nadalié Worldwide -- Nadalié affiliates and brokers in North and South America, Europe, South Africa, East Asia and Oceania.
              Contact Us -- send us a message to request information or to initiate an order.
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